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Why Write About Russia?

What if I pour my heart out on this blog and nobody reads it? Or worse, what if I pour my heart out and spend hours writing about a country and people I love, only to find out that my facts are wrong, that I had the wrong image of Russia all along?


Magazine Cover Project

DESCRIPTION Design a magazine that showcases a self-portrait as well as articles about yourself.   PROCESS I have many different interests, so my biggest challenge was narrowing them down to the few that I felt were important enough to go... Continue Reading →

Practical Advice For A Creative Soul

I know you. You're the one who was late to class because you stayed up too late reading Ender’s Game. You're the one who shows up to wedding receptions with dried paint in the wrinkles of your fingers, brighter than... Continue Reading →

From A Mormon Girl To Her Friends: A Letter

The very fact that you’re reading this makes me happy. It shows that you respect me, that I’ve done a good enough job of living my religion to make an impression on you. I don’t know what to say to... Continue Reading →

You’re My New Favorite Color

It begins quickly: a wry comment, an unexpected commonality, maybe even a favorite ice cream, and I'm hooked. I relax, I be myself, I start trusting, and I start loving.

I’m The Good Kind of Crazy

Bad crazy: setting traps for your neighbor's dog because it keeps pooping on your magnolias. Good crazy: Actually listening to the little voice that prompts you to reach for the stars.

What A Russian Nesting Doll Taught Me About Life

For the first time in a long time, I felt like me again. And I realized: I've been living my life for other people.

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