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Russia Watch

Death by Head Trauma, or by Heart Attack? Russian Consulate Found Dead on America’s Election Day

Photo Credit: William Wachter /¬† ... because blunt head trauma and heart attacks are so easy to mix up. (Disclaimer: The preceding sentence was sarcastic.) I just read a fascinating article by Buzzfeed about a man who was found dead... Continue Reading →


Talking to Russia: Playing the Devil’s Advocate

Trump's campaign officials were talking with Russia throughout the US election. What does that mean?

On Analyzing News

If journalism is the watchdog of society, someone has to be the watchdog of journalists.

Russian-Turkish Airstrike: News Analysis

The most Russian-sympathetic article is the one by RT, and yet the least Russian-sympathetic article is by Novaya Gazeta, who walks the edge between reporting and editorializing.

Why Write About Russia?

What if I pour my heart out on this blog and nobody reads it? Or worse, what if I pour my heart out and spend hours writing about a country and people I love, only to find out that my facts are wrong, that I had the wrong image of Russia all along?

Satirical T-Shirt Design

DESCRIPTION Spend a significant amount of time on an extra credit project to demonstrate design fluency. PROCESS¬†(Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles) 1. I came up with this idea after the most recent American presidential election, when some friends of mine... Continue Reading →

I’m The Good Kind of Crazy

Bad crazy: setting traps for your neighbor's dog because it keeps pooping on your magnolias. Good crazy: Actually listening to the little voice that prompts you to reach for the stars.

What A Russian Nesting Doll Taught Me About Life

For the first time in a long time, I felt like me again. And I realized: I've been living my life for other people.

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